Property Style Co. was established through years of design and styling in the Melbourne building industry.

Our passion for houses and real estate stems from our desire to see the best in any home. We can see opportunities for adding value to the appearance and functionality of your property. Our team has an eye for detail, choosing appropriate colours, textures and finishes that compliment any room or complete entire houses to perfection. Our ability to source and combine high quality and stylish furniture, accessories and linen has been a vital element in extenuating a property’s features and style. The result is a smooth experience and productive sales campaign.

Property Style Co. services all areas of Melbourne. We are based in Williamstown.

We look forward to hearing from you with any queries and working with you to make your home look its best for the big day.

The Property Style Co. team

What we do

The main goal of Property Style Co. is to present a home that captivates a buyer’s attention and maximises your property’s sale. Our aim is to create an atmosphere in your home that evokes emotional responses from your buyers and also provides them with an insight into how the spaces can be used. Internal images engage with the potential buyer and our property styling helps to highlight the best features of your property whilst accentuating sophisticated colour and clean lines.

We style your property using the latest season trends, quality designer furniture, artwork and accessories to enhance each room to its full potential. At Property Style Co. we take care of all the elements that will transform your property into a warm, inviting and aesthetically appealing property ready for a successful sale campaign.

Styling consultations

Property Style Co. also combines their love for design and colour, offering freelance interior property styling, decorating and colour consultations.

Partial Styling Services

We also offer a styling and decluttering consultation that can advise you of items to remove and how to reorganize your current furniture preparing it for sale. During this consult we may also advise you of piece you may need to add to your home to give it the finishing touches.

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